Technology and human intelligence developing unique solutions and simplifying global logistics.

Our leadership

DMS develops itself in a sustainable way, with personalized and technological customer service.
How do we do that? Invest in the continuous improvement of our processes and employees, allowing us to combine innovation and excellence in each operation.
We believe in human development with motivated and skilled teams, guided by a near leadership. Here, we work so that everyone has great career opportunities and achievements, reinforcing DMS's position as a Great Place to Work.

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Our culture

  • Learning: every day, in every way;
  • Innovation: Continous improvement of our processes and of our people;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Creating solutions, finding opportunities and turning them into value for our clients;
  • Amazement: Going and delivering beyond expectations;
  • Challange Solving: our passion is to face and overcome challenges.

No matter the challenge, DMS can handle it!

Human development

Our employees are the cornerstone of our culture. Here, we credit, invest and transform people, which is why we seek the ones with potential to grow and improve with the right incentive.
We invest in training and improvement, promoting the best that each one has to offer. After all, DMS development is directly related to the growth of everyone who works with us.


We promote diversity. It enriches our experiences and contributes to better results. Our internal policies are guided by inclusion and by offering equal working conditions to all.


DMS is certified by Great Place to Work, achieving better rates year after year. This confirms the belief that drives us: investing in development and welfare of our employees is key for our environment.

Our Skills

Skills are essential in all levels of our organization. They are extremely important for our growth as a company. Together, they represent the DMS differentials, and the way we do and act in diferente situations.


We look for new talents that can be trained and taught to become our future. Our internship program seeks to inspire, develop and train future professionals so that we can maintain sustainable growth. Trained in our culture, they will be our next managers, replicating these values in all branches and countries.
By becoming part of the DMS team, our interns are prepared to take on responsibilities and solve problems. We prompt autonomy and space for them to present ideas and propose solutions at each step.
Our managers build a relationship based on trust, with continuous feedbacks. With the TMT (Talent Management Team) -, we follow the interns from day one to the day they are made effective, following trainings, guidance, courses and other activities.


The talent program is a process that takes place within the internship period. Through an internal selection process, we identify and instigate potentials that will be intensively prepared, over a period os 10 to 12 months, to occupy strategic positions in the company. We also offer incentives and awards focused on accelerating their career.


We seek professionals aligned with our culture, willing to build a challenging career, learning and growing every day. Our opportunities are announced on our social networks and here on our website.

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