The more complex, the better: DMS can handle it.

Segmentation DMS

Facing challenges is the very soul of our business.
We specialize in complex industries that require custom processes.


Monitoring and controlled temperature to ensure material preservation are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the specific procedures required by the pharmaceutical industry. DMS knows every step of this journey. From proper transportation to regulatory agency requirements, we have complete control over the processes.


Swiftness is of utmost importance in this industry. Every minute an aircraft spends in land is a waste of time and resources. DMS is aware of how urgent these operations are. In order to handle this, we have a team dedicated to reducing the waiting time for maintenance parts.


Maintenance in this industry often takes particularly long, which often works against the planned schedule due to the delayed delivery of maintenance parts. How do we fix this? By developing a custom logistics plan, working 24 hours a day, every day, managing all services required.


Fashion is an ever-changing market. It is important to understand its cycles and the swiftness they require. The products are also rather specific, requiring proper handling. This is no secret for DMS. We are ready to provide every service the fashion industry can possibly demand.

Automotive +
New Mobility

The automotive industry works with a global supply chain, which demands absolute precision when it comes to logistics. This is DMS’ expertise. We have a specialized team handling these operations, ready to provide services to companies working in the Brazilian market.


Cutting-edge technology does not stop, nor does DMS. The high-tech industry is one of the swiftest markets on Earth, and in order to keep up, we have a special infrastructure. Our custom mapping system tracks sensitive cargo, ensuring fast delivery services with performance analysis.