The more complex, the better: DMS can handle it.

What makes us Unique

What is so unique about DMS?

We are aware that the process is only part of our mission. Most of our work relies on critical intelligence, be it human or tech - what really matters is making our customers' lives easier. We also know that even if a fair share of the process is automated, we must deal with people all the time. Though software may simplify operations, we trust our creative minds to be ahead of strategy.

This is our DNA.

Our Team

Expertise and Creativity

This alliance provides us with tools required for achieving excellence in every case. DMS brings together the knowledge acquired over years of strategic actions and the ever so watchful eyes of an enthusiastic team who loves our work.

Excellence is our goal. We rely heavily on quality programs and training to further improve our results overall. We are all for certifications and new methodologies, always aiming to improve!


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Our history

From Rio de Janeiro to the world: DMS has its origin in a dream of offering solutions. With vast experience in customs clearance, Dilson Arruda, the fouder of DMS, wanted to simplify operations and put an end to typical industry problems.

It's been more than 30 years since the foundation of DMS, but our essence remains the same. An alliance of technology and intelligence to find the best solutions.


First steps

After years of work at the headquarters of one of the main foreign trade companies in São Paulo, Dilson Arruda was transferred to Rio de Janeiro with the mission of managing the local branch.


A few years later, when the business in Rio was about to be closed, Dilson decided to purchase this branch office.
This is how DMS Broker was founded, back in 1987.
It was time to take a step further. Customs clearance aside, DMS always had an innovative essence, adding technological solutions to its service portfolio.


Opening up for road transportation

In the early 90's, DMS began to act as a road haulage operator, specializing in inbound transportation.
In that same period, the company's current configuration started to take shape.


Inauguration of Freight Forwarding Division

Customs clearance and transportations clients start demanding for freight forwarding services.
DMS' Freight Forwarding Division is then founded, with the goal of offering a custom door-to-door service.


The succession project begins

Already thinking about the future of the company, Dilson Arruda starts preparing his eldest son, Fernando Arruda, to take his place one day.
Fernando's mission was to work in every department of DMS and then take charge of the company, focusing on three main goals:
1. Making DMS a company that is known by its technology designed for clients;
2. Seeing DMS growing as a cargo agent;
3. The respect for partners, employees and clients.


00’s Conquering new frontiers

While the 90's were the time to consolidate DMS' operations, the new millennium would see our business expanding.
In the 00's, DMS started handling operations in the United States.


The year that changed everything

The dream of making DMS an international company was a huge goal, but we had to find a partner who would bring in more knowledge, willing to go beyond.
This is when Eduardo Reis joined Fernando Arruda in managing projects. Bold and with a major entrepreneurial sense, Eduardo moves to Miami and starts the internationalization process for good.
DMS America is thus founded.


After the successful inauguration of DMS America, Dilson Arruda could finally pass the baton to his son, who had been working for the company for 11 years at this point.
Despite his young age, Fernando had already proved to be enough skilled to take on this challenge along with other DMS leaders.


DMS America starts a branch office in Brazil and takes over the cargo management division of DMS Broker, thus creating DMS Logistics.


A change of scenery

Who said that changing isn’t good? The competitiveness in the aerospace industry encouraged DMS to seek new fields of activity. In 2012, we took our first steps in the pharmaceutical industry, which soon became our main field.


A major achievement

Another victory for DMS Logistics: In 2013, we first appeared in the Forbes ranking, which discloses the degree of internationalization in Brazilian companies. DMS ranked 7th place.


A new partner

Still in 2013, as we aimed to take closer care of each company in the group, Marco Bilônia was promoted to managing partner of DMS Broker.
DMS Logistics and DMS Broker have been business partners, but each one with a specific focus.


4L Startup

Some projects deserve to take over the world.
Our interest in technology led us to create 4L with the mission of bringing innovation to our field. This is how the DLC platform came to stay, developed through design thinking with emphasis on transparent management. Its impact goes far beyond DMS, as it has taken over the web and become global.


A new future is born

Strenghtening our culture of working with the clients' vision became increasingly important, which in turn meant that our employees should understand how to care for clients' needs from the very start. This is why we started preparing our new generations, promoting sustainable growth.
This is how the Talents Program was created.


Brand Positioning

As DMS evolved, it was natural to see changes in its brand positioning.
Dealing with freight forwarding was just a consequence of our business.
But in the end, what do we specialize in? The answer: we specialize in technology to deliver innovative solutions.
Logistics is the least we can do.

Our Numbers

Results are measurable. Here we share some of our achievements:




Intervenientes logísticos in 2018


Million kilometers covered in 2018


Laps around the world 2018

Our Identity


To be the best, most innovative and reliable freight forwarding company in Latin America, acting all over the world.


To provide high performance logistics solutions based on creativity and constant optimization of operations and quality management system, focusing on real cost reduction, meeting requirements, respecting our partners and continually investing in personal growth and technical improvement of our employees.

Core Values

Human Development – trusting, promoting and making people even better;

Innovation – imagining, planning, creating and implementing unique services and solutions;

Integrity – planning, controlling, replicating and ensuring the best results in our operations;

Safety – planning, implementing and promoting safer services and environments;

Passion – being passionate about our work, our lives, our services and our company.

Diversity – We care for a plural environment of equality and respect, promoting inclusion and diversity in all its dimensions.