The more complex, the better: DMS can handle it.

Our Expertise

It doesn’t matter the route. Whether by road, air or sea, DMS has tailor-made solutions ranging from shipping to customs. All with full time monitoring and safety . Because our job is to simplify your life.

Air Transportation

Is it swiftness you want? We got it. DMS has a team of specialists ready to handle your operations, as well as a network of partner airlines. Whatever the client may need, we can handle it.


An economical and safe solution for already consolidated cargo.


Need to send off you non-consolidated cargo asap? We will get it onto the next available flight.


Aerospace cargo is an urgent matter, we get it. That's why we offer premium dedicated transport, with a maximum delivery time of 12h.


Urgent cargo? We have an express service with premium rates and guaranteed booking.


Some products require special temperature for storage and transportation. This is the special service we offer in such cases.

Sea transportation

Looking for sea freight solutions? Here you will find the best routes, partners and transport time. To make it better, we also provide fully computerized processes with real time tracking.

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Swiftness for those who need it most. We transport your cargo in exclusive containers, in the shortest transit time possible.


This is the right option for clients who want economy and security. Consolidated cargo is transported at reduced costs. Ideal for smaller cargo or items of lower value.


Is your cargo oversized or simply non-standard? DMS has the right solution for you. This is a fully customized option, suitable for all types of special cargo.

Road transportation

You can count on DMS to shorten distances and save time while still offering quality and reliability. We have options for transporting your cargo with the best possible conditions in road transportation, ensuring temperature control and complete monitoring throughout the journey.


Less Than Truck Load. Consolidated transportation.


Full Truck Load. Full transportation with fixed schedule.


Exclusive transportation.

Clearance Customs

What about leaving paperwork for those who know it for real? DMS has the know-how you need, bringing together decades of expertise and tracking technology, establishing a daily follow-up. We also have a team working at airports and ports, ready to handle any pending matters, thus minimizing waiting times.

Customs Clearance for Import and Export
Assistance in assessing the economic viability for trade between countries

Special Customs Regimes
Release duty


You shouldn't risk any losses due to unforeseen events. With DMS, you can count on a team who specializes in international transport insurance to guide you through every step of the process and ensure utmost safety for your cargo.

Reduced Costs

DMS has a partnership with several insurance companies, which allows us to provide our customers with the best service and fair pricing.

Increased Productivity

Leave the paperwork to us. We will handle matters such as cargo registration, contacting the insurance company, tracking processes and more, so you can focus on strategic activities.

Team of Experts

Hiring cargo insurance requires very specific knowledge. It is fundamental to be aware of the particularities of the business, in order to avoid unexpected costs. DMS' experience in the field is at your service: our team specializes in international transport insurance and will ensure the right choice for your operations.